Natural Antiscalding

Superfictial scald is a Physiological disorder that occurs mostly in apples and pears. It is one of the most common problems during the post harvest and storage, as well as being the cause of rejection of international shipments of these fruits. The research team of the University of Talca, led by Carolina Torres, PhD. in Horticulture, has managed to develop a new natural antiscalds for pears and apples. Currently, there is a formulation potentially marketable in the short term for pears, 100% natural, with high efficacy to prevent superficial scald in prolonged guards with beneficial effects for the quality and condition of the fruit. Formulation at a plant-based Squalane compositios for apples and pears, which serves to prevent superficial scald (oxidation) of pears and apples during the post-harvest and storage stage.



TRL 7. Validated at pre-comercial scale in operating environment. Provides greater firmness and color to the fruit. The new antiscalding has been validated to semi-industrial scale in Chile and United States, both in pears like apples. The tests were performed in both controlled atmosphere (AC) as in conventional cold (FC).



Active ingredient (a.i.) Plant-based Squalane (antioxidant). Other physiological disorders. A.I is readily available through identified distributors. Low ethyene production. Maintains the organoleptic properties of the fruit. It prevents the apprearance of other physiological disorders. High efficacy preventing superficial scald (76 to 100% control) under different storage conditions for Apples and Pears. Additional positive effects on fruit quality (color, firmness, lower ethylene production, texture and overall appearance). Applied postharvest. It could be marketed as an “Plant-based antioxidant coating” potentially reducing regulatory requirements.



Oscar Astudillo

Technology Transfer Coordinator Phone number: +56 22 389 5603


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