Agricoch SPA is a startup dedicated to provide solutions for mitigation and prevention of diseases of wood in fruit trees. Hid firts proyect is “Poda Sana”, a product that unifies the process of pruning and seal of blueberries, which is aimed at producers of the fruit area that make the process faster and protect their crops from pathogens.



There are a large number of diseases that attack different fruit species. Wounds left in the pruning of fruit trees is one of the main causes of infection by viral and bacterial fungal diseases. These represent more than 5% of those lost in fruit orchards.



Podasana produces an attachment for handheld pruning shears that allows the application of sealing paste after a cut immediately; which increases the productivity per hectare in 25%; decreases the production losses in half and increases the revenues for fruit farmers.



The present invention relates to the supply and application of healing fluids during pruning operations. And regarding the state of technological protection, on October 30, application PCT/IB2019/059302 was submitted.



Market size: USD 50 millions (2018)

CAGR: 3,4%

Segment: National fruit growers

Expected market size: USD 61 millions (2025)



Agricoch is expected to have 2 business models:

The first contemplates producing the implement to be marketed through companies or companies of agricultural products nationwide

Agricoch will license the development to other companies in the sector in LATAM that can apply the first business model designed in countries such as Peru, Argentina or others in the region.



Oscar Astudillo, Technology Transfer Coordinator


+56 22 389 5603


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