Prime Tech

Prime has developed a platform technology that load drugs into films in a more stable and less costly manner, resulting on a method for buccal drug delivery. By replacing injectables, we expect to improve patient compliance to treatments, and thus, increasing sales for pharmaceutical companies.



Non-adherence to treatment with injections is increasing among type 2 diabetes patients due to needle fear. By 2030, this will represent an increase in costs of USD 2.5 trillions (US only). Furthermore, there are 75% insulin –dependent patients not currently served.



A needle free technology will improve sales by increasing the patient compliance (up to 200 million insulin-dependent patients not currently served). It will also to extend the current portfolio patent coverage of pharma companies. Even more, printed human insulin is up to 75% less expensive to produce than many commercially available insulin varieties.



Patent pending technology (PCT/CL201705001, filed in CL/EU/US) allow to print biologic-loaded nanosuspensions into commercially available films to manufacture buccal films.

Precise printed dose.

High permeation through buccal eplithelia.



Market size: USD 1.244 millions (2018)

CAGR: 6,4%

Segment: Oral Thin Films

Expected market size: USD 1.694 millions (2026)



Two potential business models:

PriMe will license its technology to pharma industry.

PriMe will strengthen its in-house printing capacities and become a film provider to pharma. Initial work is centered on Insulin; however, the technology will be developed to include other peptides and small molecules.



Jovanka Trebotich, Technology Transfer Analyst

+56 22 3895600


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