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 The presidential announcement regarding a bonus, has been criticized for overlooking the substantial problem which does not only consider an economical but also a political facet, requiring deep structural changes in both dimensions.

 This change, fearfully expected by many, is a historical opportunity.

What is demanded is not just a mere redistribution of wealth, but an inclusive economical system, allowing all segments of the population to have access to higher levels of prosperity. However, for this to become possible, a political system which really includes and represents everyone, is also required. Both systems provide mutual feedback and generate economic growth, although, in order to be sustained over time, a third element is needed: creative destruction.

In Chile, thanks to visionary public policies, some entities were created with the purpose of transforming science and technology developed by our universities into goods and services for the benefit of our society. The creative destruction thus generated, does not only enable the incorporation of new actors and business models into the market, but it also creates a continuous social mobility mechanism, which fosters political economic pluralism. Therefore, the creative destruction brought about by technologically based innovation, closes the virtual circle of an inclusive political economic structure.

Technology transfer Hubs – representing almost the whole of the national scientific production- are born precisely with this purpose, which in the context of the critical juncture we are facing, understands innovation as one of the fundamental elements of the new social economic system of the country,  and its technology transfer objective, as a major ethical imperative.

Javier Ramírez
Know Hub Chile Executive Director