Bm iTek



Biotech Company.
Founded: December 2018.
Investment: 0,25 USD Million.

BMiTek has developed a disinfectant and sanitizing formula called Dacetix, to be used on either surfaces or food, thus helping food industry to reduce incidence of foodborne pathogens and to increase production by
using Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) compounds as active ingredients.



According to World Health Organization statistics, foodborne diseases affect 1 in 10 people worldwide a year, being lifethreatening among children under 5 years old. Besides, increasing food industrialization and
processing, demands stricter disinfection and sanitizing products and protocols, according to standards.



New disinfectant products capable to meet industrial and consumer standards will be needed, requiring little time in their application and able to act on a variety of microorganisms – bacteria, fungi) – and in
the formation of biofilms.



Patent pending technology (US62/967,538), Dacetix is a disinfectant and sanitizing formula being able to act in a bactericidal and /or bacteriostatic way against a variety of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria,
as well as their biofilms and fungi.

• Safe for the environment, workers and consumers.
• No rinsing required.



Market size: USD 148.9 million (2018).
CAGR: 3,7%.
Segment: Food and Beverage Disinfection Expected.
market size: USD 178.2 million (2023).



Two potential business models:
1. BMiTek is licensing its technology to chemical/ disinfectant industry (national or international level).
2. BMiTek will produce, sell and distribute directly to customers (food industry) in national market. By 2020, 100.000 liters of Dacetix are expected to be produced and sold, whereas by 2024, they expect produce and sell at least 400.000 liters.



• 99,9% bacteria removed on surfaces (field tests).
• GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) compounds.




Jovanka Trebotich Zúñiga

Technology Transfer Coordinator

Phone +56 22 389 5600



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