Dual Vision


Dual Vision is developing Safe Vision, technology incorporating computer vision and artificial intelligence, which allows to support prevention, planning and decision making in real time in health facilities, focused on the pandemic brought about by Covid-19.



Covid-19 is an infectious disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which has generated more than 23 million cases worldwide and more than 800 thousand deaths, having no vaccine and/or specific medication for its treatment, yet. In this context, prevention measures have become essential, such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), social distancing and hand washing. Covid-19 global progression has put great pressure over health systems; therefore, new technologies helping hospital facilities in the prevention of Covid-19, can play an essential role.



Safe Vision is a video analytical system for health facilities which is connected directly to the standard cameras of these centers. Its purpose is to process images for metadata analysis in real time. The current system counts capacity and flow of people (patients, companions and health staff), checks masks and other PPE usage, and verifies compliance with social distancing. Safe Vision generates indicators likely to configure alerts to health center personnel.
Data provided by Safe Vision are useful to get to know areas that might have a higher viral load in the health center by traffic density. Besides, investigating whether health standards are being met, could contribute when planning sanitization work. This technology can also determine both, patient and staff distribution inside the health center and patient congestion schedules or lack of personnel.



Safe Vision is in a state of development equivalent to TRL4, already having the algorithms behind the technology. Currently, Dual Vision, is being piloted in a Chilean health center (a three-month experience). The objective is to achieve a consolidated and scalable system for automated data collection at health facilities.



Market size: USD 115 million (2017).
CAGR: 30,52%.
Segment: Smart Video Analytics (Global).
Expected market size: USD 435 million (2021).



Dual Vision will commercialize Safe Vision technology directly with national health centers, both public and private. Besides, there’s a possibility for the technology to be used in other markets, such as retail, industry and transport.



• Adaptive system to particular needs in every health center.
• User-friendly data visualization.
• Low investment costs, as it uses camera systems already existing in health facilities.
• This technology may be used in other markets, like retail, industry and transport.



Jovanka Trebotich Zúñiga

Technology Transfer Coordinator


Phone +56 22 389 5600


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