Prime Tech





Biotech Company.
Founded: May 2018.
Pre-Money valuation: 10MUSD.
Investment: 0,5 MUSD.

PRIME has developed a technology platform which prints drugs into films in a more affordable and stable way, becoming a method for buccal drug administration. By replacing injections, it is expected to improve patients’ compliance to treatments while increasing pharmaceutical industry’s sales.



Non-compliance with injection treatments is increasing among patients with type 2 Diabetes due to needle fears. By 2030, this will represent an increase of USD 2.5 trillion (US only) in costs. Moreover, 75% of insulin-dependent patients are not currently treated.



A needle-free technology will increase sales by improving patients’ compliance with their treatments (up to 200 million insulin-dependent patients not currently served). This will also expand the current portfolio patent coverage of pharma companies. Besides, printed human insulin production is nearly 75% less expensive than many other commercially available insulin varieties.



Patented technology in Chile (CL59.032) and patent pending technology in European Union (EP3403643) and US (US2019015320), allows biologically charged nanosuspensions to be printed into commercially available buccal films.
• Precise printed dose.
• High permeation through buccal epithelia.



Market size: USD 1.244 million (2018).
CAGR: 6,4%.
Segment: Oral Thin Films.
Expected market size: USD 1.694 million (2026).



Two potential business models:
1. PriMe will license its technology to pharma industry.
2. PriMe will strengthen its in-house printing capacity and become a film supplier to pharma. Work will be initially focused on Insulin, although this technology will eventually include other peptides and small molecules.



• 20-40% ex vivo bioavailability
• Subcutaneous-like glycemia decrease in animal model after film administration.




Jovanka Trebotich Zúñiga

Technology Transfer Coordinator

Phone +56 22 389 6500



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