EcoFuels: We transform an environmental problem into an energy solution


Single-use plastic waste management has become a major global problem. The global production of this type of plastic amounts to 8.3 billion tons. Chile contributes with almost one million tons of plastic waste per year. In terms of reuse, our country only recycles 8% of all plastics, generating the accumulation of tons of this material, producing an island on the north coast of our country which in 2019 was three times the size of continental Chile.


EcoFuels has developed a technology enabling the revaluation of plastic waste, converting it into liquid or gaseous fuels. The objective of the technology is to increa- se recycling capacity by reducing up to 80% the high logistics costs of traditional plastic recycling, especially for institutions that must comply with the Extended Producer Responsibility and Recycling Promotion Act, REP (for its acronym in Spanish). In addition to being portable, EcoFuels uses separate or mixed plastics. Finally, the technology does not require that the plastics are clean, avoiding the use of 5.3 liters of water, which are approximately used to recycle one kilogram of plastic (water footprint 0).


EcoFuels is a portable and easy-to-use modular device which by means of a highly efficient thermochemical process (up to 75%), upgrades and transforms plastic waste into liquid and/or gaseous fuels. The device can treat various classifications of plastic waste, both separately and in mixtures: polypropylene (PP), high/low-density polyethyle- ne (LDPE/ HDPE) and polystyrene (PS).


TRL 4 Validated in Laboratory.


Technology with a pending patent (PCT / CL2020 / 050074) claiming an efficient system for obtaining liquid fuel from plastic waste or polymeric material.


Market size: USD 972 million (2019)
CAGR: 8.2%
Segment: Plastic to fuel
Projected market size: USD 1,825.9 million (2027


Two potential business models:

  1. EcoFuels will manufacture and market portable devices for sale to multiple industries requiring the revaluation of plastic waste.
  2. EcoFuels will license the technology to companies with global manufacturing and marketing competence.


    • 75% efficiency in the conversion of plastics. 
    • 90% reduction of gas emissions compared to other thermochemical systems. 
    • Does not use water, thus leaving no water footprint


Jovanka Trebotich Zúñiga
Tech Transfer Coordinator

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