Oncobiomed (OBM) has developed two immunotherapy technologies against cancer:

TAPCells™ technology applied to more than 300 patients with highly successful results.

Lycellvax generic vaccine with a centralized manufacturing model and simple production.

TAPCells™ and Lycellvax. These biological vaccines stimulate and activate patient’s immune system, generating a specific response against melanoma tumors, prostate cancer, and other types.



Prostate cancer is globally one of the most common cancers in men. Nearly 300 thousand new cases are detected yearly, out of which 41 thousand are fatal. While melanoma is the most lethal skin cancer, being estimated there will be nearly 280 thousand new cases and more than 67 thousand deaths caused by it.



1. TAPCells™ (Tumor Antigen-Presenting Cells) are immune system cells generated ex vivo having similar characteristics as dendritic cells which, in physiological conditions, can present tumor antigens to T-lymphocytes, triggering a specific immune response against cancer. This technology is classified as personalized medicine, since TAPCells™ production is carried out from each patient’s peripheral blood, obtaining monocytes which are stimulated with cytokines to get an extract of tumor cells (TRIMEL™). After finishing the process, TAPCells™ are inoculated to the patient subcutaneously. This technology has been studied in melanoma in clinical trials Phase I and in two clinical trials Phase II, which results have been published in scientific journals.

2. Lycellvax is a new immunogenic formulation developed internally by Oncobiomed. It is based on the use of heat-treated cell lysates coming from highly selected cell lines of allogeneic melanoma and from other solid tumors, combined with an adjuvant derived from haemolymphs to trigger an in vivo direct stimulation of the immune system in patients with cancer (melanoma and colon cancer, among others). Thus, a generic vaccine is generated with a centralized and independent manufacturing model of each patient. Lycellvax has been tested at a pre-clinical level, in terms of its safety as well as its efficiency, in murine models of melanoma and colon carcinoma, additionally developing immunogenic formulation for other types of cancer, such as prostate, kidney and gallbladder.



The intellectual property of both technologies belongs to the University of Chile. However, Oncobiomed has signed licensed contracts with the university for both technologies, for the national and international market.



Market size: USD 4,07 billions (2017).
CAGR: 17,7%.
Segment: Cancer vaccines (global).
Expected market size: USD 12,81 billions (2023).



Licensing TAPCells™ and Lycellvax to companies with production capacity of technologies, commercialization and distribution, as the Pharmaceutical Industry.



Jovanka Trebotich, Technology Transfer Coordinator


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