Since its creation, Know Hub Chile has focused on achieving a working agenda with its partners around capacity development, placing at their service its team work experience and its national and International collaboration network. The programme’s target audience is Technology Transfer Office professionals, researchers, students, entrepreneurs and other professionals.

Know Hub Building is focused on the capacity development of research results and intellectual property management, on integration of technology transfer good practice, as well as on generation of culture and support for technology-based startups training and growth.

The programme is implemented through a series of workshops and formative activities, and from the implementation and use of tools for technology management, such as Patsnap platform for patent search and analysis, HUBS platform for technology management and the application of the technology assessment model used by the corporation.


iCorps-based training programme

In 2019, the corporation aims at deepening the approach to one of the key players in the technology-transfer process: Researchers. It’s precisely for this audience that a training instance begins to be designed: iCorps methodology-based programme – same training used by Know Hub Ignition programme – which is also supported by University of California Riverside and an international mentoring network. Between November and December 2020, a pilot programme is being carried out by 8 teams from Know Hub Chile partnership. Hub Apta receives our invitation and joins this experience with five teams.

iCorps purpose is to promote a culture of innovation inside the scientific community through a methodology of outreach to industry. Figures back up this programme created in 2012 by the National Science Foundation (NSF): six years after finishing its formation, the first generation of 99 teams had managed to attract USD 37 million of private investment and to create 67 startups, out of which three of them ended up in a merger or acquisition process.