Know Hub Chile seeks to expand the scope of their partners’ and national ecosystem technology transfer in order to bring technologies closer to society. To achieve this goal, Know Hub Chile has a network of alliances, both nationally and internationally, positioning collaboration right at the centre of our motivations. Constantly, Know Hub Partnership programme adds new allies and strengthens its link with the existing ones.


International Allies

University of California Riverside. Chile and California have a long history of collaboration, dating back to 1963 when signing Chile-California Programme, which is renewed in 2008 with Chile-California Plan. Among other benefits for both territories, it enables an important number of fellow citizens to get trained at University of California. Riverside is one of ten campus belonging to this prestigious house of studies (one of the southernmost located, together with UC San Diego).

Since Know Hub Chile beginnings, UC Riverside – and particularly its Technology Partnerships Office – has been a strategic partner in opening commercial networks in the USA for our technology portfolio, in the development of our Know Hub Ignition programme and in strengthening the ecosystem and the capacities in technology-based startups in Chile.

Technology Partnerships Office has succeeded in installing technology-based innovation, and particularly entrepreneurship, as a territorial development platform, bringing together various public and private players: State, County, UC system itself, investment funds, startup platforms and, of course, researchers and entrepreneurs. In this sense, this is about an interesting model for Chile and its territories.

Cientech: collaboration with Technology Transfer Hub at Atlantic Department in Colombia, whose capital is Barranquilla, in accessing different programmes and exchange of good practice instances, and of support in the promotion and expansion of commercialization networks internationally. In fact, one of the teams working with this hub, Aphytech, participated in Know Hub Ignition 2nd generation, contributing with the internationalization of this programme in Latin America.

Caribbean Technology Park: it’s a space promoted by the U. of Atlántico of Colombia which will be located in Barranquilla; its objective being the encouragement of knowledge generation, technological development, and innovation. Know Hub Chile will collaborate with its programmes and capacities, specially those linked to technology startup.

Monterrey Technology: “Tec” is one of the best universities in Mexico and shows a clear focus on entrepreneurship. This alliance aims at collaborating with the development of technology-based startups and startup soft-landing in Chile, Mexico and China, apart from developing programmes focused on linking the industrial sector to meet their needs and professional training.

Technology University of Panama: One of the most relevant houses of studies of this Central American country, seeking in its alliance with Know Hub Chile to support the development of an ecosystem and capacities in entrepreneurship and technology transfer in institutions and professionals. In the mid-term, this country could become the access point to Central American market for technologies managed by Know Hub Chile.


National Allies

Venture Capital Chilean Association: entity representing players who finance high impact startups in Chile and the region. Through this alliance, Know Hub Chile seeks to link its startup networks to the local risk capital, to take advantage of formation spaces in the process of raising private capital, and to collaborate in building an ecosystem of national technology entrepreneurship.

RedGT: Key Alliance with the national technology managing network, where Know Hub Chile collaborates in building a country vision in terms of management and technology transfer, while at the same time supporting the role of intermediary with key players of the public world.