Avante Challenge is an open innovation initiative from the Chilean Navy which, as its name suggests, enables the connection of this Institution challenges in the area of Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) with National science-technology capacities (see challenges below). The call is open to researchers, undergraduate or graduate students, and entrepreneurs. Eight teams will be selected, having access to US$ 60 thousand in total. Whereas US$ 90 thousand will be granted to the two winners.

Avante Challenge will be carried out through Know Hub Chile Dual Tech programme: selected teams will be part of a training programme on the development of dual technologies (10 weeks, between January and March). During the process, they will be guided by mentors and must carry out a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Besides, they will be given support at the Company Setup programme for the development or maturation of their startup (corporate and tax legal structure, team formation, intellectual property strategy, among others).

Every team will participate in a pitch by the end of March, 2021, when the two winning teams will be granted up to US$ 90 thousand in total. Resources are used to implement the roadmap, develop or reinforce the startup and, in general, to implement and commercialize technology solutions.

Avante Challenge is organized by the Naval Polytechnic Academy, and the Navy Programmes, Research and Development Direction, in alliance with the US Naval Research Office, together with Know Hub Chile and AthenaLab.

In this first version, challenges to be solved are set up on four specific detection axes of:

  1. Illegal landings on the north coast of the country.
  2. Illegal fishing in jurisdictional waters, so as to get means of evidence to be presented before competent judicial organisms.
  3. Non-collaborative contacts.
  4. Abnormal behaviour on ships and vessels passing through national responsibility maritime areas.


Additionally, a fifth axis is related to all those technological challenges related to Maritime Situational Awareness or MSA not related to the previous axes.

MDA involves maintaining an effective knowledge of Chilean maritime spaces (26.4 million km2) in order to enforce the law, safeguard human life at sea, defend the maritime interests of the nation, and protect the resources of the marine environment and the navigation of ships that transit the seas of the country.

Further information in  WWW.INNOVAPOLINAV.CL