Know Hub is a non-profit corporation, born from a policy that seeks to transform Chile into a knowledge-based economy and society. Its main objective is to collaborate to transform science research results from its partners -universities and research centres- into goods, services and entrepreneurships available in the market and in benefit of society

Javier Ramirez
Elizabeth Illanes
Paulina Sepúlveda
Susana Gallardo




  • Flavio Salazar Onfray. Research and Development Vice-chancellor, Universidad de Chile
  • Paola Ballerino Contreras. Innovation and Technology Transfer Director, Research and Postgraduate Studies Vice-chancellorship, Universidad de Los Lagos
  • Carlos Lüders Post. Research and Postgraduate Studies Vice-chancellor, Universidad Católica de Temuco
  • Michel Leporati Nerón, Technology Transfer Director, Innovation and Technology Transfer Vice-chancellorship, Universidad deTalca
  • María Teresa Muñoz  Quezada. Research and Postgraduate Studies Vice-chancellor, Universidad Católica del Maule.
  • Germán Rehren Schweppe, Development and Innovation Department Director; Research, Development and Artistic Creation Vice-chancellorship, Universidad Austral de Chile.
  • Carolina Arce. Co-founder of U-planner
  • Patricia Sabag Zarruk. Director of Hortifrut and Canontex