Igo tech


Improves productivity in unsupervised and geographically dispersed environments in industries such as energy, oil and gas, forestry, aquaculture, and defense. In Chile, the mining sector accounts for 14% of the national GDP. The mining industry spends USD 650 million per year on maintenance services and faces the challenge of increasing employee productivity and analyzing their behavior and impact. The lack of structuring and digitization of field-collected data impedes the identification of potential improvements, opening up opportunities for technologies that can transform field operations.


Igo offers SaaS digital solutions designed to structure, digitize, and analyze data collected by field workers, improving operational efficiency by analyzing their behavior.

Differentiating factors:

  • Focus on field worker autonomy, with user-friendly tools for efficiency and safety in disconnected environments.
  • Integration of solutions to create a virtual assistant to assist the worker in the field.
  • Ability to employ high-quality data and advanced analytics with artificial intelligence to improve operational efficiency.
  • Unique features for field data collection and analysis, such as location-based contextual information, real-time collaboration, and use of gamification techniques to boost the effective use of our tools.

IGO TECHNOLOGIES SPA is a company that develops technological solutions for the industry, with over 10 years of experience in innovative solutions.

  • Mining https://bit.ly/2UTnGwC
  • Pipeline inspection: https://bit.ly/3mAeLLP Our goal is to revolutionize the efficiency and safety of our customers’ operations by unleashing the untapped potential of their field workers.
Revenue: (USD$)

2023*: 130.000 (Public funds).

2024*: 160.000 (Pilots).

2025*: 510.000 (domestic sales).

2026*: 960.000 (domestic sales).

*Projected revenue assuming investment.


Amount: USD 250.000 (20% financed).

Use: Package, validate, and scale solution portfolio.


Development (63%), Sales and Marketing. (23%), Management (14%).