Desafío Avante’s 3 (2022)

What is Desafío Avante?

In its third version, the innovation initiative led by the Chilean Navy and Know Hub Chile will once again call for the best technological solutions to solve problems detected by the Chilean Navy in its institution and reach the civilian market.

This year’s theme is Active Health, a concept that will focus on the modernization of the preventive medicine model based on data, to provide the Chilean Navy with healthy personnel, physically and psychologically, to fulfill the tasks and missions entrusted to them by the Chilean state.

Desafío Avante’s 3 Specific Objectives (2022)

To solve, through technologies and/or research results, the needs and/or challenges of the Chilean Navy contained in Desafío Avante 3.

Identify civilian applications that may be interested in the technology and develop business models that allow its commercialization and scaling.

To support the formation and/or consolidation of technology-based companies to meet the needs or problems of the Chilean Navy and the market or society.

Desafío Avante’s 3 Specific Objectives (2022)

Collection of Health Data

Determination of Risk Indexes

Dynamic Scheduling in Health

Participating teams may present technological solutions that solve one or more of the aforementioned issues, taking into consideration the information that will be collected and validated with the methodology taught during Desafío Avante 3.

Additionally, the Chilean Navy establishes as a permanent priority issue all those technological challenges related to Maritime Domain Awareness (M.D.A.) that may have been left out of the previously mentioned issues; that is to say, that seek to close gaps or may be a fundamental contribution to the related institutional tasks.

Dual Technologies

Desafío Avante aims to develop dual technologies, that is, technologies that can be used in the Defense industry and the civilian sector, such as the aquaculture, transportation, and port industries, among others.

To achieve this, participating teams will receive training in the Dual Tech Methodology, which is based on Innovation Corps (iCorps, developed for the National Science Foundation, NSF), and also on Hacking for Defense or H4D (developed for the US Department of Defense, DoD). The winners will receive funding for their technology to be transferred to both the Defense industry and the civilian market.


Documents to Apply

Application form

Terms and Conditions

Challenge Description

«Active Health»

Challenge Description

«Surveillance and Response Capability»

To apply, the Application Form must be sent to by January 30th, 2023, at 23:59:59, Continental Chile time.


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