Science- and technology-based companies (EBCTs) are one of the main tools for transforming scientific results into products and services. Science- and technology-based ventures (EBCT) are one of the main tools for transforming scientific results into products and services. It was with this in mind that in 2019 Know Hub Chile organized the first support program specific for this type of entrepreneurship, keeping to one of its strategic objectives: to strengthen and promote EBCTs that address problems of the country and/or have international scope.

General Category:

For all types of science and technology-based ventures

Thematic Category Focusing on:

Climate Change

Circular Economy in Agribusiness


Know Hub Ignition 2023 Program

Work Methodology

The Know Hub Ignition Program is characterized by the application of a work methodology that permits the identification of technologies with high potential for transfer, together with teams that are capable of bringing these initiatives to the market through early validation processes with the industry and the venture capital ecosystem. At the same time, we work with the companies on all the elements related to technology (protection strategy and business model) and on the legal aspects related to the creation of companies that can perform adequately in the market and/or are prepared to raise capital investment.

In addition to training in the I-Corps methodology by international mentors from the University of California Riverside, the team also receives support from national mentors with vast experience in the national innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, which is valuable to the entrepreneurial team. Added to this mentoring service is the personalized support provided by the Know Hub Chile team on issues related to the business model, commercial prospecting, technology commercialization, intellectual property strategy, marketing, and roadmap design, among others.

The 10 selected teams will be assigned a Key Account Manager (KAM) or Project Executive, a member of the Know Hub Chile team who will be in charge of maintaining constant communication with the entrepreneurial team, as well as providing strategic support when required.

Value Proposition

I-Corps-based Methodology

Created by the National Science Foundation, the goal of this training is to discover and consolidate the venture’s business model, focusing on its value proposition and customer segment and validating it early on with the industry.

Company Set-Up

Structuring of corporate, tax, technological, and intellectual property-related issues, according to the business model of the venture.

Immersion Week in California

Meetings with stakeholders, relevant experts, and potential partners. The program concludes with a pitch deck to a panel of investors, UC Riverside, and Know Hub (winners only).

Work and Investment Plan

Monitoring the dynamic growth of the venture by focusing on accelerating its entry into the market, raising private capital, and maturing its intangible assets (winners only).

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